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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dip Show - 2905

2905 Poster
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Finially, Its out! The official poster for my upcoming Diploma Show @ NIE. Opens on Thusday 12 May 2005 @ 7pm. (Minister for Education - Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam is the guest of honour for the night!) And runs all the way till 22 May. Friends and interested parties do come and visit! (Please give Face? hehe..)

Official E-Invite is available @ (Thanks Alvin!)

Thx guys!

Class 2A (Full)
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During my 2nd Praticum @ Victoria School, I was teaching Blender - a 3-D software. The lesson's purpose is to incorporate IT into Art.
My little going away present. A photo of my class Sec 2A - 43 lively boys at VS IT Lab.
Do miss them =)

Class 2E (GAP)

Class 2E (GAP)
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My smaller class of students. GAP = General Art Programe. These boys only take art during their sec 1 & 2 education.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Past Works - Part 3

Some works done during my Print Making classes

A series of Works which I named "Wanna-B".

I once had the dream of becoming a prima ballerina. From a tender age, my mom enroll me in endless ballet classes. When I finally reached the upper grades of ballet academics, after many years of training, before i could turn pro, i had to stop because of some perculiar reasons. Thus leaving me regrets.
Image hosted by
Method: Linocut / Lino Print (Series of Three)

Dance NOT 2004

Image hosted by
Method: Woodblock cut/Mono Print

Dance Room 2004

Image hosted by
Method: Mono Print

The Star 2004

Art begets Art.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Past Works - Part 2

Image hosted by
A 3-D Project about "Inside & Outside"
Hole 2003

Image hosted by
A 3-D Project about Self-Reflection
Hungry Wendy, Angry Wendy 2003

Image hosted by
Inspired by a popular Manga
12 Zodiac Animals 2004

Art begets Art.

Past Works - Part 1

Some better works done during my ceramic class @ NIE

Image hosted by
Hard Tile Work
Lonely Night 2004

Image hosted by
Pinching & Coiling
Dog at play 2004

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Massive pinching & Coiling
Doggy Treats 2004

Image hosted by
Soft Tile Work
The Gift 2004

Image hosted by
Ying Yang 2004

Image hosted by
Method: Throwing
Drip 2005

Art begets Art.

My Statement as an Artist

Strongly influenced by my mother, I have always been interested in crafts. To me, arts and crafts have no distinction. Inspired beaded jewelery to traditional European Teddy Bears, they are all art to me. The process of creating is the very essence of art itself.

Thus, art begets art.


Who am i:

Wendy Yap Chin Ping

Born in 1979
Blk 840 Sims Ave, #08-858, Singapore 400840

Academic Education:
2003 - 2005 > National Institute of Education Diploma in Art Education
1998 -2001 > LaSalle-SIA Diploma in Visual Design - Communication Design

2001 > Nothing In Visible – Diploma in Communication Design Graduation Exhibition @ The G@llery Evason

1999 > Asian Aerospace Logo Design Competition (Merit)

Art Projects:
2000 > Wall Mural in La Salle – SIA compound
2004 > A Children’s Room Wall Mural in A home situated in Bukit Timah (Commissioned)

Past Teaching Experience:
Jun 2003 > Intinc. (Holiday Children Arts & Craft Class)
Jan 2004 > Victoria School (Praticum I)
Jun 2004 > Children Art lesson

Mar 2005 > Victoria School (Praticum II)

Past Working Experience:
2002 - 2003 > Media Maxx Pte Ltd – Graphic Designer
2001 - 2002 > Igor’s Pte Ltd - Marketing Assistant

Designers Association Singapore (DAS) – Student
La Salle-SIA Alumni

Art begets Art.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Something new!

For those who haven't noticed.. I have just added a counter tracker!!
Its really nice as there are many designs to select from... Mines splatted paints! Cool huh..
For those who wants one like it... simply log on to bravenet and register for an account =)
Also.. i finially figured out how to get rid of the default 'test' link. Added 2 new useful links... next i want to learn how to categorize them.
Oh! Why am i doing these? I know.. i got my research paper to do... just got sian and decided to do something different. Now feeling better as i learned something useful & new (& on my own!)
K, better get some research work done before heading out..
Until then, cya later!

Art begets Art.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Websites Websites Websitesss

Yay! this is the last week of praticum! Finially i can concentrate on my super neglected NIE assignments...
But before i actually embark on them, here are some cool websites that i have come across during my praticum2 period.

Design e-Mags/Journals

  1. (Local)

Design Corp/Personal


Art in General

  1. (Local)

Free 3-D software (which i'm using to teach...)


Counting down the days...

... before i need to contiune with my soon to due assignments

Art begets Art.